Jocko Academy

Jocko Academy

Jocko Willink once said his podcast is a course on military history. David and Rob are enrolling in this course in earnest. We are listening to every Jocko podcast, in sequential order, and discussing the lessons we learn.

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    Jocko Podcast #8

    Lessons from Jocko Podcast #8: USMC Manual(Book Review), Physical Limits, Injuries, Fear of Public Speaking

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    Jocko Podcast #6 - With Echo Charles | Napoleon | Aggression | Mind Control

    Lessons from Jocko Podcast #6 - With Echo Charles | Napoleon | Aggression | Mind Control

    • Napoleon fought more battles than Alexander, Hannibal and Caesar combined. He is without any doubt the greatest of European soldiers. He astounded his opponents by the crushing rapidity of his battles. He used mobility, quickness and pace to dictate how the battles were going to go.
    • Napoleon was a master of the flank. I’m going to do an assault. You’ll be paying attention to that. And then from the rear or side or somewhere you are not expecting you are getting submitted.
    • The way people act. The way humans respond to combat situations doesn’t change.
    • When you have at once undertaken the offensive it should be maintained until the last extremity. That’s commitment.
    • A common thread that we talk about: being on the offensive is good. It’s always better than being on the defensive.
    • The first quality of a soldier is constancy in enduring fatigue and hardship. The second is courage. Poverty, privation and want are the school of the good soldier 🤔
    • If you look at all the elite military schools they are about being hungry, cold, tired, miserable.
    • Nothing is more important in war than unity in command. One army, acting on one line, led by one commander.
    • How many things apparently impossible have nevertheless been performed by resolute men who had no alternative but death?
    • To have quitting as an option is not smart.
    • A mark of someone that can lead well: someone that can take complex ideas, simplify them, and communicate them in a simple manner.
    • You are showing you can’t control your temper. If you can’t control than what can you control?
    • How do I stop doing X? Stop doing X. How can I start doing Y? Start doing Y (mind control)
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    Jocko Podcast #5 - With Echo Charles | Corrective Measures | Workouts | Diet

    Lessons from Jocko Podcast #5 - With Echo Charles | Corrective Measures | Workouts | Diet

    • Leadership is getting people to do things. This is a form of manipulation
    • When you are influencing someone you are manipulating them for a positive outcome
    • Every thing you say, the tone, inflection etc are tools to be used in getting your way. Or tools you misuse and move away from your goals.
    • Don’t burn bridges. Nothing is ever gained by this. The future is not known. Do what you can to keep lines of communication open, bridges intact.
    • Look forward to admitting your wrong because it gives the opportunity to advertise you are humble and open minded
    • If you can not mask your emotions (the eyeroll , the heavy sigh, the crossed arms) you become an open book. People can read you.
    • Tip for writing: Write 1,000 words a day no matter what. It takes about an hour. In 55 days you'll have 55,000 words. If you write everyday you remember your train of thought.
    • One answer for all these problems. Have writers block? Good. go write. You’re too tired to go to the gym? Good. go to the gym. You can apply this to anything
    • Q: How do you stay focused? A: Your focus is something you control. Something you can make happen. So get focused.
    • Book recommendation: Good Calories, Bad Calories
    • I’m not here to convince anybody 👈 (important to adopt/remember) If you want to eat a lot of carbs then you should do that. I’ll focus on fat and protein
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    Jocko Podcast #4 Rendezvous With Death

    Lessons from Jocko Podcast #4 Rendezvous With Death, Disrespect, Workouts

    • Alan Sieger wrote the poem [I Have a Rendezvous with Death][1] shortly before being killed in action at Belloy-en-Santerre on July 4, 1916
    • The one war Jocko would not want to participate in is WW1
    • This episode is about [Battle Leadership by Adolf Von Schell][2].
    • According to Von Schell the psychological impressions of battle were simpler in the past. Now machines rule the battlefield and many times you are fighting against an enemy you can't see.
    • Dangers that are thus foreseen are already half overcome.
    • There are two modes: offensive and defensive. Choose offensive. When you are offensive you are making things happen. When you are defensive things are happening to you and your are forced to react. Switching from defensive to offensive changes your perspective and increases your enjoyment of life.
    • If you feel overwhelmed with tasks write down what you need to do. List your tasks in order of priority and tackle the highest priority one first. (Prioritize and execute)
    • We all have a rendezvous with death. There is no escaping that. This trip we are on is short. (Don't waste it)
    • Think about your life as a rendezvous with destiny. Make the most of the opportunities you have with hard work, focus and drive.
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    Jocko Podcast 2: About Face, Mental Toughness, New Years Resolutions

    Lessons from Jocko Podcast 2: About Face, Mental Toughness, New Years Resolutions

    • Colonel Hackworth served learned from hardened WW2 veterans
    • Jocko learned from Hack: Always question what people are saying and confirm it is right yourself
    • If you let little daily disciplines slip - others are sure to follow
    • Avoid incestual knowledge
    • Study your adversary. You can't beat them if you don't know what they are thinking
    • Turning around Hack's troops required caring for them, giving them a purpose and telling them why
    • Reread books - Jocko learns something every time he reads About Face
    • Jocko applied Hack's lessons of Vietnam to Jocko's time in Iraq
    • If someone accepts their station in life they won't be motivated to do anything.
    • Lessons Jiu Jitsu teaches you: humility, respect, discipline, value of indirect approach
    • Do not seek approval or praise from other people. Expect nothing. Don't be hung up on getting approval. Go forth and conquer. No one is holding you back.
    • How to remain focused: Task, Condition, Standard
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    Jocko Podcast 1: Jocko & Echo (Discipline, Ownership)

    Lessons from Jocko Podcast #1: - Using fear as motivation (fuel) - Mental toughness is just a simple choice: suffer or quit - Mental toughness comes from when a human being decides that they are going to achieve their goals and they will go though any obstacles - Detach yourself from the situation you are in. Look at yourself and access - Socializing doesn't have to be a priority - Share ideas. Do not spend energy converting people.

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